‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Legacy in America

Abdu’l-Bahá’s greatest legacy is found in the community of His ardent admirers in America today who are striving to emulate His example and draw on His vision to build unified, purposeful and spiritually uplifted communities in neighborhoods across America.

The Universal House of Justice, in its Ridvan 2011 message to the Bahá’ís of the world, pointed to these attributes exemplified by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in His travels to the West:

  • Tirelessly, He expounded the teachings in every social space: in homes and mission halls, churches and synagogues, parks and public squares, railway carriages and ocean liners, clubs and societies, schools and universities.

    See the January-February 2012 story package with contemporary examples of entering new social spaces; knowing your neighborhood; and getting involved in the life of society.

  • Uncompromising in defense of the truth, yet infinitely gentle in manner, He brought the universal divine principles to bear on the exigencies of the age.

    See the March-April 2012 story package with contemporary examples of relating the principles of the Faith to the condition of the listener’s heart and to the conditions of the world.

  • To all without distinction – officials, scientists, workers, children, parents, exiles, activists, clerics, sceptics – He imparted love, wisdom, comfort, whatever the particular need.

    See the May-June 2012 story package with contemporary examples of teaching from the heart and with a listening ear.

  • While elevating their souls, He challenged their assumptions, reoriented their perspectives, expanded their consciousness, and focused their energies.

    Check back for the July-August 2012 story package with contemporary examples of building capacity, accompaniment and transforming habits of thought.

  • He demonstrated by word and deed such compassion and generosity that hearts were utterly transformed.

    Check back for the September-October 2012 story package with contemporary examples of fostering the transformation of hearts; compassion, generosity and other spiritual skills at the center of community building.

  • No one was turned away.

    Check back for the November-December 2012 story package with contemporary examples of how everyone has a role to play and is welcomed into the circle of community building.