Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Greatness of Bahá’í Dispensation and its effect on civilization

Mahmud's Diary
July 27, 1912
Dublin, NH

In the evening Mr. Harmon, a leader of the Theosophists, came from Boston to see the Master, who spoke to him about divine civilization, the influence of the Word of God and about this great Bahá’í Dispensation:

One of the martyrs of this Cause, at the time of his martyrdom exclaimed, ‘Christ said that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak; but I say that my flesh is as happy as my spirit.’

He spoke of the spread of civilization from the East to the West, saying:

What a blessing God bestowed upon the Persians but they could not appreciate it! Had they not been ungrateful, the government of Persia would have ranked first in the world. I wrote to Muhammad ‘Ali Mirza that if he would compensate for the spilled blood of the Bahá’ís and govern with justice, he would receive confirmation; otherwise, God doeth what He pleaseth. He did not listen to me. Again I wrote to Persia that so long as the nation and the government do not combine like milk and honey, prosperity and happiness are impossible. Persia will become desolate and the end result will be intervention by neighboring powers.