Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Juliet: May 14 – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá told Juliet: “You ignite the souls.”

Diary of Juliet Thompson
May 14, 1912
New York, NY

On Friday, the fourteenth of May, I had quite a distinguished visitor, Khan Bahádur Allah-Bakhsh, the Governor of Lahore. Mr. Barakatu’llah had sent him to see me. I invited him to my meeting that night and he came and seemed to fall in love with the Teachings. The next morning early he called on the Master at the Hudson Apartment House. Lua, May, and I were there at the time and I told him that May was one of my spiritual mothers and Lua my spiritual grandmother. Whereupon the old gentleman said that in that case I was his mother, May Maxwell his grandmother, and Lua his great-grandmother!

Very soon the Master sent for him and kept him a long time in His room. When the interview was over and Khan Bahádur Allah-Bakhsh had left, the Master called me to Him.

You teach well, Juliet,” He said. “You teach with ecstasy. You ignite the souls. A great bounty will descend upon you. I have perfect confidence in you as a teacher. Your heart is pure, absolutely pure.”

My heart absolutely pure! I wept.

Then, for the second time, the Master gave me a picture of Himself.

Three days later I had a note from the Governor of Lahore. In it he said: “‘Abdu’l-Bahá is the Divine Light of today.”