Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

“I desire for you that which I desire for My own daughters, Tuba and Ruha”

The Diary of Juliet Thompson
July 18, 1912
New York, NY

Each day I drink deeper of the cup of Love. Yesterday the draught I took was pure ecstasy. I saw Him for three brief moments only, but those three moments were charged.

First, I saw Him with a few others — Mrs Helen Goodall, Miss Wise, Ella Goodall Cooper — and He spoke to us of the kindness of God, holding in His hand my rosary, which He has carried for several days (the one Khanum gave me in Haifa). When we meet kindness in a human being He said, how happy it makes us. How much happier we will be when we realize the kindness of God.

Later He called to Him alone. I met Him as He came downstairs from His room to the library. He was all in white.

Ah-h, Juliet,” He said. He began to walk up and down the library. “Your mother sent me these things,” (referring to some flowers and another little present). “These things came from your mother? I became very happy from them, but she should not have taken the trouble.”

It made her so happy to send that little offering.”

But she should not have taken the trouble.” He continued to walk up and down. In a moment He said: “I am very much please with your truthfulness, Juliet. That matter between us, your truthfulness on that occasion makes Me happy whenever I think of it.”

Everything in my heart is for You to see, my Lord. I only hope the day may come when You will see nothing in it except the Love of God.”

He came very close and looked deep into my eyes with His brilliant eyes.

I see your heart,” He said. “I look into your face and your heart is perfectly clear to Me.”

Again He paced up and down and it was then I knelt.

Tell the Master,” I said to Valiyu’llah Khan, “I pray that my heart may become entirely detached from this world.”

Your heart,” said the Master, pausing before me and gazing at me with a face of glistening light, “will become entirely detached. You are now in the condition I desired for you.” He walked to the window and stood, looking out. “I wish you to teach constantly. Therein lies your happiness, and My happiness.”

He came back to me. I had risen.

I wish you to be detached from the entire world of existence; to turn to the Kingdom of Abha with a pure heart; with a pure breath to teach the people. I desire for you,” He continued, resuming His walk, “that which I desire for My own daughters, Tuba and Ruha.”

With this He dismissed me.