Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Inability to sense a thing, such as the spiritual world, is not a proof of its nonexistence

Mahmud's Diary
August 5, 1912
Dublin, NH

After delivering the message of God and explaining the divine teachings, the Master spoke humorously about the philosophers.

They say that had there been a spiritual world they would have sensed it. But, as a matter of fact, inability to sense a thing is not a proof of the nonexistence of that thing. If inability to sense constitutes proof of perfection, the cow must be the greatest philosopher, for she does not realize anything beyond the animal world.

This amusing statement that the cow is the greatest of all philosophers caused everyone to laugh. After the meeting, some men and women invited Him to go for a ride in their automobile. While driving, a herd of cows passed in front of the automobile and, becoming frightened, began to run about every which way. The ladies in the car cried out, ‘Oh Master, see the crowd of philosophers. How frightened they are running away from us.’ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá laughed so heartily that He tired Himself. As the Americans like such jests, it became an oft-repeated remark.