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Ella Goodall Cooper (1870-1951)

October 1, 1912
Ella Goodall Cooper (1870-1951)
Train Station San Francisco, CA

When we reached the house especially prepared for ‘Abdu’l-Bahá the waiting friends came out to welcome Him. Mr and Mrs Ralston, Mrs Goodall, Mrs Cooper and the other friends were ecstatically happy to have the honor and bounty of being in His presence and to have supper with Him.” -Mahmud’s Diary, 299.

Cooper, Ella (1870-1951) Prominent American Bahá’í teacher who accepted the Faith in 1898 and, with her mother Helen Goodall, helped establish the first Bahá’í community on the American West coast, in Oakland. She was among the third group of Western pilgrims to visit ‘Akka, in March 1899. After her second pilgrimage in 1908 she and her mother published a small book, “Daily Lessons Received at Acca”. See Whitehead, “Some Early Bahá’ís of the West”, pp. 21-34 and “Bahá’í World”, vol. 12, pp.681-4.
-Mahmud’s Diary, 438.