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‘Abdu’l-Bahá at Unity Feast in Englewood, NJ

June 29, 1912
'Abdu'l-Baha at Unity Feast in Englewood, NJ
Roy Wilhelm's Property Teaneck, NJ

At ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s behest, a unity feast was held in the grounds of his home in West Englewood [now Teaneck], New Jersey, in June 1912, an event which is commemorated every year.”
—Mahmud’s Diary, 452.

That the friends were ecstatic today need not be stated, since their Host was the Beloved of the Covenant, their
meeting was an assembly of love and amity, and the surroundings were green and verdant with trees in full bloom perfuming the air. There was a pilaf, a very delicious Persian dish that had been prepared for the occasion,
sherbet, a Persian drink and many sweets. Everyone was happy at the unity of the gathering. The Master said: This meeting will be productive of great results. It will be the cause of attracting a new bounty. This day in which we
have come together is a new day, and this hour a new hour. These meetings will be mentioned in the future and their results will be everlasting in all the divine worlds.

There were two more meetings: one in the afternoon and the other in the evening in Englewood for some of the
friends who were not able to take part in the first meeting.”
—Mahmud’s Diary, 151.