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Persian Heard at Temple Emanu-El

Persian Heard at Temple Emanu-El
San Francisco Chronicle
October 13, 1912

Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas Gives His Message of the Unity of Religions.

Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, prophet of universal religion, the eradication of prejudice, and dogma, and the establishment of universal peace and the fellowship of humanity, spoke at the regular service in Temple Emanu-El yesterday morning.

Speaking through an interpreter, and standing by the curtains of Ark of the Torah, the aged Persian in his patriarchal robes, white turban and with his white beard appeared as a figure from the distant past of religious inspiration. His message was as modern as his appearance was as from the past.

He said that all religions are divided into two parts, the fundamental truth and the ephemeral dogma, and that the fundamental truth was the one. Taking the illustration of how “His Holiness Moses” is venerated alike by the Jews, the Christians and the Mohammedans, he appealed for a universal recognition of the holiness of all great religious leaders.

His theme was that, while the fundamental truth of religion had ever been the inspiration of progress and the enlightenment of mankind, the dogma and prejudice had been evil in their effect.

This is the century,” he said in conclusion, “for the recognition of the oneness of God, for the attainment of the fellowship of humanity, for the eradication of prejudice and for the realization of universal peace.”

Dr. Meyer in introducing the visiting teacher said that he welcomed one who came from the East, where the first religious message was given, and from the land where the teaching of the fatherhood of God was first promulgated.