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Peddle Tea For Suffrage

Peddle Tea For Suffrage
The New York Times
May 12, 1912
New York

Miss Jonas and Miss Freeman Tour Nassau County in Pony Cart.

The New York State Suffrage Association has taken to peddling for “Votes for Women.” Miss Rosalie Livingston Jonas, organizer for the party in Long Island, started yesterday afternoon from Cold Spring Harbor for a two weeks’ tour of Nassau County to sell tea and cake, suffrage buttons, and literature. With Miss Jonas was Miss Elizabeth Freeman, the American girl who went to prison with the English suffragettes in London.

The suffragette peddlers have not a regular peddler’s cart, but they may come to that later. At present they are experimenting with Miss Jonas’s own pony cart and pony. The money they make will be sent to Ohio for campaign expenses, and, incidentally, Nassau County will be converted.

The association made its debut yesterday afternoon in the newspaper business, selling its own Suffrage News Letter on the street. Mrs. Duncan B. Harrison, Miss Clara B. Morrison, and Mrs. W. D. Morgan started out, each wearing a “Votes for Women” newsbag. The Woman Suffrage Party sends out newswomen selling The Woman Voter daily.

There will be a big International Peace and Woman Suffrage meeting at the Metropolitan Temple, Fourteenth Street and Seventh Avenue, Monday evening, May 20, at which the chief speaker will be ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas. There will also be addresses by Congressman William S. Bennet and Miss Elizabeth Freeman.