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All Right Nations Slogan

All Right Nations Slogan
Chicago Illinois Record Herald
May 13, 1912
New York, NY

Persian Prophet Says All Americans Use That Phrase.


NEW YORK, May 13. — ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Persian prophet of world’s peace, said today he had found the keynote expression of American optimism.

It is those two words, ‘all right.’” he said. “Everywhere I go,” the Persian went on, “I hear those two magical words — words which I have never heard used by any other nation in any other country. With you Americans it is always ‘all right.’”

If I ask a bellboy at the hotel to do something he responds, ‘all right’. If I inquire as to the health of a person I have met here, he answers, ‘all right.’

When the conductor wants the train to start, he shouts ‘all right.’

Everything is ‘all right’ in the United States. I believe the expression typically reflects the optimism of this great country.”