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Finds America Helping

Finds America Helping
The Boston Globe
April 15, 1912
New York

Abdul Bahha Abbas, Urging Universal Peace, Makes His First Public Address in This Country.

NEW YORK, April 14 — ‘Abdul Bahha Abbas, the Persian philosopher and religious leader, and head of the Bahá’í movement for the unification of religions and for the establishment of universal peace, made his first public address in America today at the Church of the Ascension, 5th ave. He spoke through an interpreter, his nephew, Dr. Ameen A. Ullah Fareed, and took as his subject “The Bahá’í Revelation.”

Abdul Bahha Abbas, whose long iron gray beard gives him the appearance of a patriarch, was dressed in the costume of the East. He said that he found here that material civilization had progressed greatly, but that spiritual civilization had been left behind.

Saying that Bahha ‘Ullah, in Persia, founded the spiritual civilization, and made a bond among various peoples of different races that voiced the doctrine of universal peace, he went on to say that 60 years ago he sent epistles to the Kings, the rulers of the world, to join him in peace. “Now,” he declared, “I find a strong movement for universal peace emanating from America.”