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Báb Religion’s Leader Talks to Clark Students

Bab Religion's Leader Talks to Clark Students
The Worcester Evening Gazette
May 24, 1912
Worcester, MA

Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas of the Orient Also Pleads for Science

Clothed in Oriental costume of rich colors and his head ornamented by a glossy white turban, Abbas Effendi, or ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, head of the new Báb religion recently arisen in the Orient, spoke to an audience of 500 yesterday afternoon in Clark university. He was a man of striking and stately bearing, and made a picturesque figure as he talked in his Persian robes.

He had an interpreter with him, Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed, as he was not himself familiar with English. He was introduced by Dr. George H. Blakeslee, head of the department of history, of Clark college, who arranged for the address. The Báb, as he is known officially by his followers, said little about the religion he professes, but he was rich in praise of science and the universities, declaring that in science lay the hope of ultimate solidarity for the human race.

He said that science enables man to go beyond natural law, and it has given to the world its great array of scholars distinguished above their fellows, to whom he paid tribute. The scholar’s sovereignty, he declared, is superior to that of the king. “May science proclaim the wonders of humankind,” said the Báb, “may it bring about universal peace, may it cement the hearts of men together, may it make of all countries one fatherland, and may it unite all religions according to the fundamental conceptions of reality; and all religion is founded on one reality.”

The Báb gave a reception in President Hall’s home after his talk, and a number met him there.