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America Most Hospitable

America Most Hospitable
Baltimore MD Star
April 17, 1912

The idealists of the world find America most hospitable. Here we cordially welcome every man and woman, of whatever race or creed, who can express an uplifting thought or deliver an exalting message. The latest to come to these friendly shores with an uprising doctrine is ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, the Persian philosopher and preacher who teaches that men serve God best by serving their kind. This is no new doctrine; it has long been familiar to the world through the utterances of the ancient Hebrew prophets and the matchless beauty of the Sermon on the Mount. But the Bahá has given the most significant devotion to it that the world has seen in many years. He has devoted his life to his preaching and persecution has never daunted him. Forty years he has spent in a Turkish prison through his devotion to the cause of humanity; and he is of the stuff of which martyrs are made. He is ready to lay down his life for his teaching, which he explained immediately upon his landing. “I have come here,” he said last Thursday, “to advocate human solidarity. That is the basis of my teachings. All nations and all religions may become united and perfect peace might reign among them. Strife and animosity are due to misunderstandings. If these misunderstandings can be removed then unity can be accomplished. My purpose is to bring about the oneness of humanity and to secure accord and fellowship among all mankind so that they may all dwell together finally as one family.” With such a message to the American people it is no wonder that Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Mohammedans assembled in New York to welcome the sage and prophet from Persia. To such idealism as this venerable preacher from the Orient brings to us all thoughtful men must reverently pay homage.