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Survivors of Fanatical Outbreaks

Survivors of Fanatical Outbreaks
McKeesport PA News
April 18, 1912

The survivors of such fanatical outbreaks are more to be pitied than those who suffered martyrdom by fire and sword. The civil authorities deny them the rights and privileges of the law of the land and all protection of local and provincial courts. The chiefs of Islam pronounce association with them a violation of the principles of the religion of Muhammad. Such are the conditions existing today in the town of Maraghih in the Province of Adhirbayjan of your realm.

The condition is one of moral and civil anarchy, and if prolonged must spread higher and higher into the structure of the national Government.

Very humbly, and as true friends of Persia we suggest that the fate of the Bahá’ís of your realm has become a vital issue no longer to be postponed or entrusted to prejudiced or incompetent hands. The cruelty visited upon this innocent people is becoming the cause of absolute anarchy and disregard of law.

When the supreme authority of Persia today reverses the example its predecessor set over seventy years ago, and protects the Bahá’ís resolutely instead of condoning their persecution, then at last can the progress of anarchy and disintegration be checked and the national Government, the sole hope of any people, be placed on foundations able to endure.”