Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Walking with friends along the shore of Lake Michigan

Mahmud's Diary
September 14, 1912
Chicago, IL

Then He said, ‘Let us go for a walk before everybody arrives.’

He walked along the shore [of Lake Michigan] and spoke about the sacrifice of a Japanese admiral:

With this type of sacrifice they attained success. But remember, if he had lived, it would have been better for his nation and government. Observe, a general sacrificed himself and his children for the emperor and became renowned for sincerity and faithfulness. From this example it becomes obvious what we should do in the path of the Abha Beauty. If you view it in the light of justice, you will see that the emperor did not bestow upon his general a thousandth portion of the grace that the Blessed Beauty bestows upon us.

Returning to the house, He found several believers and seekers from Chicago and surrounding communities. All were grateful to hear His divine words and teachings.