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Message from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá to the whole of humanity – request from a Chicago newspaper editor

Mahmud's Diary
November 3, 1912
Chicago, IL

From there He went to Dr. Milburn’s home where a number of people met Him. Among them was an editor who asked that a message from the Master be given through his journal to the whole of humanity. The Master’s message was this:

Praise be to God that the centuries of darkness have passed and the age of enlightenment has arrived!

Praise be to God that all traces of superstition and imitation have vanished and the minds and thoughts of men have broadened, inventions have gained new life, the arts and sciences have been revived, new plans have been evolved, discoveries have increased, all things have been revitalized, the rulings that regulate the world have been renewed! Thus it was necessary that the laws of God also be changed and the reality of divine religions be renewed, for divine teachings had been forgotten and there was nothing left but dogmatic imitation. The foundation of the divine religions is one and that is the truth which generates love and affection and is the cause of the unity of mankind. But imitations vary and they are the cause of disagreements and are the destroyers of spiritual foundations.

Glad tidings, glad tidings, that the Sun of Truth has shed its radiance!

Glad tidings, glad tidings, that the heavenly light has encompassed all regions!

Glad tidings, glad tidings, that the gates of the Kingdom have been opened!

Glad tidings, glad tidings, that the melody of the Supreme Concourse has been raised.

Glad tidings, glad tidings, that the breaths of the Holy Spirit are giving life and the world of humanity is reborn

Awake, O people of the world, awake! Give heed, O peoples and nations, give heed! Destroy the root of conflict and strife; abandon imitations and prejudices which lead to cruelty, so that you may acknowledge the Truth and the light of the oneness of humanity may shine brilliant and manifest as the sun; the standard of universal peace be hoisted; perfect love and harmony may reign among the races, religions and nations; and the world of man may find peace and acquire a divine image and likeness. This is my message.