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Mahmud: June 27 – Recalling early days in Baghdad and Bahá’u’lláh’s withdrawal to Sulaymaniyyih

Mahmud's Diary
June 27, 1912
Montclair, NJ

Again, He said:

Once I said to Mirza Muhammad Quli, ‘Do you remember the days in Baghdad when we had not even fifteen paras to have a hot bath? We must now appreciate the favors of the Blessed Beauty and, in thankfulness, gird up our loins to serve Him. He has guided, assisted and made us victorious in this world as well as in His Kingdom.’

The Master spoke at length about the withdrawal of the Blessed Beauty from Baghdad. He told of the prayers of the friends of God who recited, ‘Ya Allah-ul-Mustaghath’, [‘O God, He Who is invoked’] the receipt of the news of the bequest of Áqa Abu’l-Qasim-i-Hamadani, their eventual tracing of Bahá’u’lláh to the place in Sulaymaniyyih where He had taken abode, and then their dispatching a petition to the Blessed Beauty for His return.