Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

“… our happiness consists in service to the Most Holy Threshold.”

Mahmud's Diary
July 29, 1912
Dublin, NH

He went to Mrs. Parsons’s home in the afternoon. He was asked about His health and the climate, to which He replied:

The air of this place is good. But we are happy wherever we go; our happiness consists in service to the Most Holy Threshold. We have not come to America on a pleasure trip; we are here to serve the Court of the Blessed Beauty. Whenever we succeed in this purpose, that place is good. A merchant is happy whenever his goods find a market, wherever it may be.

Then He sat in the gazebo facing the garden and related the afflictions and trials of Bahá’u’lláh in Baghdad:

In spite of all these troubles we were happy beyond description because under His shadow we were favored with the blessing of attainment to His presence.

Afterwards He went into the house. The drawing room was filled. His address to the visitors concerned both spiritual and material matters, including questions of economics which corrected some of the false ideas of the socialists. The audience was pleased. Each day a new spirit is seen in the meetings. It is difficult to believe that in this mountainous and scenic countryside, meetings that diffuse the fragrances of God can be held. All this is due to the power of the Center of the Covenant. ‘Wherever our king is, it is Paradise, even if it is as small as the eye of a needle.’