Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Juliet: June 23 — Those eyes of light, which seem to be always looking into heaven

The Diary of Juliet Thompson
June 23, 1912
Montclair, NJ

We came back from our walk [with the Master] by way of the front porch. Some people were gathered there and Lua, Georgie, and I sat down with them while the Master went upstairs to rest. He joined us, however, very soon and, striding up and down, began to talk to us. As He walked His Power shook us; His intoxicating exhilaration, pouring into me, filled me up with new life.

His eyes — those eyes of light, which seem to be always looking into heaven and when for an instant they glance toward earth, veer away at once, back to heaven — were brilliantly restless. His whole Being was restless with the same strange Force I had felt on that memorable day, the nineteenth of June. It was as though the lightning of His Spirit could scarcely endure to be harnessed to the body. He was almost out of the body. But soon He took a seat and rested quietly.