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Juliet manages to say good-bye to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

The Diary of Juliet Thompson
July 23, 1912
New York, NY

I went up early to His house — but oh, too late! On the street I met Mrs. Hutchinson.

The Master has gone!” she said, her eyes full of tears, her lips quivering.


Twenty minutes ago.”

I will go to the station.”

I jumped on a subway train and reached the station in a few minutes. But nowhere did I see the Master and the Persians. I stopped a porter.

Did a party of foreigners pass through here just now?”


Yes!” There wasn’t a minute to explain.

Yes. Go to track 19.”

But track 19 was deserted except for the gateman.

Has a party of foreigners passed this way?” I asked him.



They are on the train.”

I supposed I couldn’t go through?”

Yes, go through, but come right back.”

Smiling my thanks, I dashed down the platform. At one of the windows in the train I saw a white turban.

Could I get on the car?” I asked the conductor.

Yes, get on. It’s all right.”

Ah-h, Juliet!”

Goodbye, my Lord.”

Goodbye.” He drew me down beside Him. “You should not have troubled to come here,” He said.

My heart wouldn’t let me do otherwise.”

I will see you in a month. Give My greetings to your mother, to all the friends; to Mrs. Krug, Miss Boylan.”

Closely, closely He pressed my hand, pouring the attar of rose of His Love upon me. Then once more He said goodbye and I left.

It had been too bold, yet even against the rules every door had opened to me.