Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

“Your pure heart is a magnet for the Divine feelings.”

July 11, 1912
New York, NY

And now just a word about the morning. Georgie Ralston and Mrs. Brittingham, Lua, and I were together in the Master’s room. As I sat there I felt something of the Mystery of His Divinity. The day was very hot and His sleeves were rolled up and I saw on His arms the scars of chains.

When the others left He kept me.

I come to Your Presence, my Lord,” I said, “to be cured of my spiritual ills.”

Your pure heart,” the Master answered, “is a magnet for the Divine feelings.”

He spoke of my mother and sent her some fruit. “Your mother,” He said, “is very dear to me. You cannot imagine how I love your mother.”

Then He laughed and asked: “How is Dr. Grant?”

I don’t know, my Lord. I haven’t seen him. I’m afraid I hurt him the last time we met.”

What did you do?”

I refused to go into his house with him.”

How is he with Us?”

I don’t know.”

I want to see him. Is this possible?”

Yes, I am sure. I will telephone to him.”

Tell him I am longing to see him, longing to see him,” repeated the Master smiling.

I knelt and kissed His robe, looking up so happy, so grateful, while He looked down and laughed at me.