Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

“… it would be well for you to give ear to our celestial songs.”

Mahmud's Diary
August 18, 1912
Green Acre, ME

When the Master left this gathering, He met some people who were singing. He said to them, ‘We listen always to your terrestrial music, now it would be well for you to give ear to our celestial songs.’ After seeing to things in the kitchen, He came out to meet a number of the friends who had come to seek His advice on personal matters. He gave each His special attention. When Miss Edna McKinney, who had transcribed His addresses in English, came into His presence, He said to her, ‘Thou art a maidservant who in the Kingdom of God is among the near ones. I desire the confirmation and protection of the Abha Kingdom for you.’ He also expressed extraordinary kindness for Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Goodall, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Krug and Miss Juliet Thompson, who were not present. He advised Mrs. Kinney not to wish for too rapid progress at once in the emancipation of women.