Stories about 'Abdu'l-Bahá

All the wise men of the East considered Bahá’u’lláh the greatest person in the world

Mahmud's Diary
October 3, 1912
San Francisco, CA

In the automobile on the way to the park the Master spoke about the grandeur of the Revelation of the Blessed Beauty:

No one was a denier of His virtues. All the wise men of the East considered Him the greatest person in the world. But they said, ‘Alas, that He has claimed divinity for Himself.’ Many of the people of the East said and wrote about me, too, ‘all agree that he excels in knowledge, learning, speech and explanation, but, alas! he is the propagator of a new law’. They expected us to be servants and propagators of their old dogmas and customs, not knowing that we are obliged to serve humanity and spread universal love and harmony.