Public Talks of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Let Your Hearts be as Mirrors of the Supreme Concourse

Saffa Kinney (BNA)
Published Source: 
The Promulgation of Universal Peace
June 11, 1912
11 June 1912
Talk at Open Committee Meeting, Home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Kinney
780 West End Avenue, New York
Notes by Howard MacNutt

When you assemble,… Let your hearts be as mirrors in which the radiance of the Sun of Reality is visible.

64.1 It is my hope that the meetings of the Bahá’í Assembly in New York shall become like meetings of the Supreme Concourse. When you assemble, you must reflect the lights of the heavenly Kingdom. Let your hearts be as mirrors in which the radiance of the Sun of Reality is visible. Each bosom must be a telegraph station — one terminus of the wire attached to the soul, the other fixed in the Supreme Concourse — so that inspiration may descend from the Kingdom of Abha and questions of reality be discussed. Then opinions will coincide with truth; day by day there will be progression, and the meetings will become more radiant and spiritual. This attainment is conditioned upon unity and agreement. The more perfect the love and agreement, the more the divine confirmations and assistance of the Blessed Perfection will descend. May this prove to be a divine meeting, and may boundless bestowals come down upon you. Strive with all your hearts and with the very power of life that unity and love may continually increase. In discussions look toward the reality without being self-opinionated. Let no one assert and insist upon his own mere opinion; nay, rather, let each investigate reality with the greatest love and fellowship. Consult upon every matter, and when one presents the point of view of reality itself, that shall be acceptable to all. Then will spiritual unity increase among you, individual illumination will be greater, happiness will be more abundant, and you will draw nearer and nearer to the Kingdom of God.