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Socialism Not Cure For Evils of Present Day

Socialism Not Cure For Evils of Present Day
The Montreal Daily Star
September 5, 1912
Montreal, QC

Abdu’l-Bahá Says Only Spiritual Brotherhood is Effective.


Says to Bring Earthly Paradise Out of the Potential and Into the Real.

The establishment of a great spiritual brotherhood world wide in the extent of its operations and through whose activities the economic ills of the nations might be permanently settled, was urged by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in an address to a well attended drawing-room meeting at 716 Pine Avenue West last night.

The great question raised by the Socialists, he said, was one of paramount importance and the governments of the world had failed to give it the earnest attention it deserved. It had to be met, otherwise disorder everywhere would be the culmination. Socialists, however, would not be able to bring about any permanent settlement, because of their extreme radical views. Grades in society could not be abolished. A president must remain a president, a minister must remain a minister. There must still remain an industrial class and an agricultural class. Public order was impossible without this conservation of degrees.

Advocates True Brotherhood.

True brotherhood among all the peoples of the earth was the only remedy. A spiritual bond would have to bind all men. Brotherhood based upon the same parentage or the same nationality failed to meet the situation, for families quarreled and nations often had civil wars. The socialistic brotherhood was not perfect, for even Socialists fought each other. No brotherhood could be lasting save that of the spiritual type.

Such a great brotherhood, for the illumination of the human heart had been planned by Bahá’u’lláh, the great prophet of the Bahá’í movement. It was not founded on physical or material interests yet the material ills of the world could never be solved save through the activities of such a brotherhood.

All Countries in A Turmoil.

In reality,” said ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, “you cannot detect any semblance of real brotherhood in the world to-day. All countries are in a turmoil. Kings are not at ease, nor are their peoples; all are afflicted. But if a great spiritual brotherhood is founded, all sorrows will be transformed to happiness and all problems solved. A man will lay down his life, if need be, for his brother, or forfeit all his possessions if by so doing he can succor those who may be unfortunate. We must all strive for the establishment of this divine brotherhood on the earth. There is no remedy save this.

Strive, then, for the establishment of such a brotherhood throughout America. Let us bring the kingdom, the earthly paradise, out of the potential and into the real. All other brotherhoods are perishable. The spiritual brotherhood alone will bring to you happiness upon earth, the life everlasting, and the radiance of God’s kingdom.”

A reception followed the address.

To-night ‘Abdu’l-Bahá will speak in St. James Methodist Church on “The Bahá’í Principles for the Happiness of the Human Race.”