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"Servant of God" Speaks

"Servant of God" Speaks
New York Tribune
April 13, 1912
New York

Abdu’l-Bahá Here to Make One of the Human Race.

Abdu’l-Bahá, the “Servant of God,” regards questions as a supreme impertinence. Children of Belial — inquisitive newspaper reporters, in other words — may be seen in his presence at times, but not heard.

An “interview” with the prophet, who came to New York on Thursday, in his apartment at the Ansonia has none of the inquisitorial qualities, therefore, which often prove so disconcerting to celebrities.

So far he has championed universal peace, woman suffrage and divorce (those innovations which spell America in the eyes of the world). These he finds compatible, apparently, with Bahá’ísm. And Bahá’ísm he explained yesterday as follows:

All of the prophets of God were manifestations of truth and reality, but because imitations have crept into religions divisions and misunderstandings have resulted. These imitations cannot be found in the bases of religions. Human beings should refer to the original foundations, and then six thousand years of strife and warfare will vanish. My purpose is to bring about the oneness of humanity and to secure accord and fellowship among all mankind, so that they may dwell together finally as one family. They were so originally.”