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Persian Priest Lectures Here

Persian Priest Lectures Here
Sacramento California Star
October 26, 1912


A world-wide spiritual unity regardless of religion, or race was the doctrine expounded by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas at the Hotel Sacramento where he lectured on Friday evening and this morning.

Abdu’l-Bahá is the son of ‘Abdul Ullah, the first to preach these principals in modern teachable form. It was not his or his son’s desire to found a new religion but to take the principles of the growth of humanity germane to every religion and cause them to be practiced. Both father and son were in prison in Persia for their teachings, the latter for 40 years. He is old with an age that is not decrepit but rather with a crystalized vitality. His lecture today dealth principally with the practice of universal peace without reference to race and creed and a common brotherhood that results from such practice. No effort is made to organized who take up the study nor to proselite as his teaching is akin to all religion. Traveling with the prophet are Dr. Ameen Fareed of Johns Hopkins University, Mirza Mahmood, Mirza Ali Abkar, and Mrs. E. C. Getsinger, who gives definite explanations of the movement.