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Message of Love Conveyed by Bahá

Message of Love Conveyed by Baha
Buffalo New York Enquirer
September 11, 1912
Buffalo, NY


Prince and Prophet Prays for Universal Peace — Europe One Vast Arsenal of Strife.

Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas leader and prophet of the Bahá’ís will speak tonight at the Church of the Messiah, North and Mariner streets. As is his custom he will deliver his address in Arabic, and an Interpreter will translate it into English.

At the Iroquois last night the Bahá met an audience of some seventy persons, many of them his followers, and addressed them. He spoke in flowery oriental phrases and these were quickly turned into English by the interpreter. The burden of the Bahá’s address was a message of love and an appeal for universal peace. He said:

The very cause of life is due to the Supreme One’s love, for by His grace we move, we see, we hear, we feel, and all phenomena is based on His love. The prophets are sent to bear a message of holy love and the philosophers and all the wise men of by-gone ages have sung with tweet melody the theme of love. But, alas, the shadow obscuring the sun of affection Alas, that on earth should breed a contrary spirit in the hearts of men. Alas, that hatred and enmity should spring forth to make a hell of war and bloodshed.

Even now in the orient are widows weeping, children lamenting and fathers bereaved for the bloodshed of their dear ones. The continent of Europe is one vast arsenal, which only requires one spark at its foundations and the whole of Europe will become a wasted wilderness.

Therefore, forbid that spark! Pray that this shall not be; that the infernal warfare shall be ceased. You who comprise a large and peaceful nation, who are prosperous, who enjoy so just a government, shall try to cease these [text missing] narrels among nations, that these factors of tyranny and oppression shall pass away. Rather, may, this dreadful state be transformed into one peace and love.”