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Jordan Not Ready To Abandon Reins

Jordan Not Ready To Abandon Reins
SFO Call
October 2, 1912
San Francisco, CA

Heralded throughout the orient as the head of a new world religion, Sir Abbas Effendi or ‘Abdul-ul-Bahá, the venerable Persian apostle of the Golden Rule, and disciple of Bahá’ísm, is coming to Stanford to speak at a special assembly of the student body. Sir Abbas is to arrive in San Francisco next week and will come immediately to Stanford. He will speak in Persian, which will be translated sentence by sentence by an interpreter.

The aged Persian who preaches universal peace, religious unity and the brotherhood of man, has traveled over all of Europe teaching his creed. He says that unity of religion should be the most powerful force in bringing men together, in breaking down the artificial bounds of creed, race, national and political antagonisms.

Sir Abbas was imprisoned at Acre, Syria, for over 40 years by the deposed sultan Abd-ul-Hamid, the rebellion of the young Turks gaining him his freedom.