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Head of New Religion Clark College Speaker

Head of New Religion Clark College Speaker
Worchester Massachusetts Post
May 23, 1912
Worchester, MA

About 500 persons interested in theology and philosophy listened to an interesting talk given in Clark college gymnasium yesterday afternoon by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, head of the Báb religion, a new oriental faith that is said to have gained hundreds of thousands of converts in the United States and millions in the near east.

The Báb, as the leader is called by followers of the faith, wore a characteristic Persian costume, flowing robes and snowwhite turban. He is 65 years old and claims to have passed more than 50 years in prison in Akka, Persia.

The religion of which he is the leading exponent had its beginning in 1844 in Persia. The originator, who proclaimed himself the herald of the mighty one who was to be the Báb was executed in 1855. Thousands of followers are said to have suffered death from persecution since that time.

The present Báb, Abbas Ettendi, or ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, does not speak English and his remarks yesterday were interpreted by Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed, his interpreter.

He was introduced by Prof. George H. Blakesles, head of the history department of Clark university. His talk was devoted more to science than to a description of the new religion.

[picture caption: ‘ABDU’L-BAHA ABBAS