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Charitable Woman May Aid Bahá’ísm

Charitable Woman May Aid Bahaism
San Francisco Call
October 12, 1912

Mrs. Isabella C. Merriman Asked to Go to Asia to Care for Temple Children

[Special Dispatch to Call]

SAN JOSE, Oct. 11. — Mrs. Isabella C. Merriman, sister of Mrs. Sarah L. Winchester, widow of the son of the millionaire firearms manufacturer, is seriously considering the advisability of abandoning her home and work in this country and entering into the service of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, leader of the Bahá’í movement in Asia.

Mrs. Merriman acknowledged today that she was in receipt of an offer from “his holiness,” as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá is known to his 7,000,000 Persian followers, asking her to follow him to Asia and take charge of the children in the temple on Mount Carmel, on the bay of Acca.

The offer was made to me only last night,” said Mrs. Merriman, “and I am not sure just whether I will accept or not. Such an offer is an unusual tribute to my work in behalf of children.”

Mrs. Merriman has been unusually active as an officer of the juvenile courts of Santa Clara county in dealing with juvenile delinquents, many of whom she has brought into her own home in Palo Alto. At the present time it is stated that she has 11 girls and four boys in her care.