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Bahá’í Leader in Jewish Pulpit Pleads Unity

Bahaist Leader in Jewish Pulpit Pleads Unity
San Francisco California Post
October 12, 1912

Century Has Come When All Religions Should Enjoy Universal Peace.”

After expounding the unity of all fundamental religious beliefs and pleading for a universal faith, ‘Abdul Bába, aged Persian leader of the universal religion movement, speaking today at Temple Emanu-El, rose to a dramatic climax in the emphatic declaration that the time has come for the unification of all religions when racial prejudice shall cease and when all the religions shall enjoy universal peace forever.

The century has come,” he said, “when all the religions are to be unified; the century has come when all the religions are to enjoy universal peace; the century has come when racial prejudice and religious differences shall be brushed away forever.”

Abdu’l-Bahá spoke in Persian through an interpreter. He was introduced to the large congregation of Emanu-El by Rabbi Martin A. Meyer and at once he plunged into a broad discussion of basic religious doctrines, attempting to prove that the basis of all religion was to promote advancement and progress of man.