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Bahá’í Revelation Comes to City

Bahai Revelation Comes to City
London Ontario paper
September 3, 1912
London, ON

Oriental Faith of the Reformed Mohammedanism Type Has Followers Here.

The Bahá’í Revelation has come to London. A kind of reformed Mohammedanism, this Oriental faith, launched in the forties of the ninetheenth century by Mirza Ali Muhammed of Shiraz, in Persia, better known as Bah, which in English means “door or gate,” is said to have already won more than 8,000 followers in America.

To Charlie Frank, a Mohammedan Syrian, of 318 Dundas street, belongs the distinction of having been the first Bahá’í in London. Within the past few weeks, however, it is claimed by Mrs. E.H. Wenmoth, Bahá’í measenger, who has come from Sandusky, Ohio, to propagate the new religion in Canada, quite a number of the new devoteen of Bahá’ísm have been secures in London, and it is Mrs. Wenmoth’s intention to organize a Bahá’í society in this city. The Orient [unreadable text] faith is said to be making inroads into the ranks of the local New Thought cult. Its aims are social and economic as well as religious, and it proclaims tolerance, peace and equalityfor all men and women. Mrs. Wenmoth claims that it is not anti-Christian, but that it is an inclusive movement large enough to embrace all creeds and races.