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Andrew Carnegie has received a letter

Andrew Carnegie has received a letter
Grand Rapids Michigan Press
June 20, 1912
New York, NY


Andrew Carnegie has received a letter conveying to him the fervent blessing of one as devoted as himself to the cause of international peace, a letter from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, the Persian philosopher and interpreter of the Bahá’í revelation, whose robed figure during his seven months’ tour of this country was one of America’s most picturesque sights in 1912. From London ‘Abdu’l-Bahá writes of his incessant prayer that the ironmaster may shine as a luminous star from the horizon of eternity, and expresses this conviction from his sociology:

It is not well that the poor should coerce the rich to contribute to them”

Here is the letter:

97, Cadogan Gardens, S.W.

January 10, 1912.

To the Hon. Andrew Carnegie, New York City.

He is God!

O thou revered personage!

Your article entitled the “Gospel Wealth” was read. Of a truth it contains sound opinion and ideas which, [text missing] followed, would lead to happier conditions in the World of Humanity. The doctrine of “Human Solidarity” is well developed in the Teaching of Bahá’u’lláh.

Mr. Carnegie granted permission for the reproduction here of this letter, which was written from London, and translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. It was conveyed to Mr. Carnegie through H.H. Topakjan, Consul General of Persia in New York, who opened wide his doors to the gray-bearded prophet when he was in this country and who served as his guide, counselor and friend on many occasions during that memorable tour.

Here is the letter which inclosed the letter to Mr. Carnegie:

7 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

Hon. Mr. H.H. Topakyan, Consul General of Persia.

He is God!

O thou my revered friend!

Your letter was received.

The kind susceptibilities of your consciousness imparted the utmost of rejoicing. Truly, I say, during my stay in America the signs of love became manifest from you from every side. Therefore, I am extremely pleased with you.

I will pray for you and Madame so that the Doors of the Kingdom of God, be always open before your faces and the Infinite Divine bestowals may descend upon you uninterruptedly so that according to the statement of Christ you may be of those who are chosen and not of those who are called.

May God encompass your family with His Heavenly [text missing] diction!

[text missing] El Abba

[text missing] Bahá Abbas

Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas is the third of the Bahá’ís prophets and the second in succession; therefore, from Mirza Ali Mohammed the Báb, who purged the Koran of its impurities and gave a new light to the men and women of Persia. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, after forty years in the prison city of Acca, Syria, made a short visit to Paris and London in the summer of 1911, and then, for the first time, came to America in April, 1912. He sailed from these shores on Dec. 6, cheered on his way by the prayers of the 100 followers who gathered at the pier to bid him godspeed.