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‘Abdul-Bahá Abbas

Abdul-Baha Abbas
Nashville Tenn
July 20, 1912
New York, NY

Universal peace, universal religion and universal brotherhood are advocated by ‘Abdul-Bahá Abbas, the Persian prophet who is said to have fourteen million followers.

This man, with a name which sounds as though it might he the capital of Abyssinia, is now preaching in New York and is to make a tour of the country, visiting the various colonist of Bahá’ís which have sprung up in the larger cities.

He has been welcomed by the Unitarian Churches, and recently preached in All Souls’ Unitarian Church, New York City. He does not speak English, but promulgated his belief through an interpreter. Pictures of the Persian prophet show him to be a sort of Ben Hur, or “Servant in the House.”

His first sermon in New York emphasized the fact that all mankind sprang from one source. Consequently all men are brothers, who should not allow sectarian beliefs to stand as a barrier to a common brotherhood.

New York suffragettes will doubtless welcome the new prophet, for one of the first tenets he set forth was that men and women are created equal and will stand on an equal footing and live without strife as soon as woman has the same education as man.